Flame Arresters, Detonation Arresters, Breather Vents, and Pressure / Vacuum Vents


Flame arresters serve as secondary explosion protection measures for hindering transmission of flames or explosion in machines, equipment and plants that contain combustible gas or steamair mixtures of combustible fluids. According to the Directive 94/9/EC, they are protective systems that limit the effect of explosions to a harmless extent.

In the development and design of flashback arresters, we work on the proven principle of the "flameretardant gap". This principle is implemented by means of dry flame arresters, which, depending on the process requirement, are normally made of metallic belt arresters, with defined gap widths in different configurations. Specially trained skilled workers, in conjunction with precision machines, ensure a uniformly high quality of the gap widths of the belt arresters. The latest measurement techniques guarantee an objective testing and documentation of these safetyrelevant quantities.

There are test certificates available for all the required rawmaterial products. Conformance to the 94/9/EC for our flame arresters is certified by means of an EC type test certificate, e.g. DNV, IBExU, BAM, PTB.

As an approved manufacturer of pressure regulation devices, we are also in a position to manufacture flame arresters with more stringent customer requirements.

BS&B FlameSaf quality assurance system is monitored by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), who issue certification according to ISO 9001 to BS&B.

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